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Concert Music for both Oxford and Cambridge

There are going to be two orchestral pieces performed at the Grand Finale concerts in Oxford and Cambridge on 10 September. These are ‘Oxbridge Journey’ by Simon Brown and Fanfare, Forlana and Flourish (fff) by Paul Harris. We are grateful to both composers for these specially composed pieces of music.

Oxbridge Journey is a five-movement suite describing a journey from Cambridge to Oxford, as follows:

1. Punting on the Cam/Cherwell (tutti)

Harp interlude I

2. Bridge Chapel, St Ives (Woodwind)

Harp interlude II

3. Milton Keynes/Bletchley Park (brass, percussion and double basses),

Harp interlude III

4. Thame (strings, including guitars but excluding harps)

5. Reprise of Punting on the Cam/Cherwell (tutti)

Special note about fff for the CAMBRIDGE Crew:

Percussion -Derek Scurll has kindly agreed to distribute parts between participants but do please get in touch if you have not received his e-mail by 12th August. Flexibility with everything but the rhythm will be key!

Violins, are divided through out the piece while Flutes and Saxophones are divided in the finale – The Flourish – so please check the list below to see which part you have been allocated and therefore where you should be sitting. The Alphabet has been the sorting mechanism of choice:

Violins 1: Simon Andrews, Kate Belger, Michele Bentley, Kirsty Body, Tom Bryans.

Violins 2: Sarah Burgess, Helen Caisley, Leisle Chippington, Clare Irwin, Sue Richards.

Flute 1: Kwok Chong, Rachel Gordon, Elise Hickey, James Howard, Elizabeth Kennerley, Alžbeta Klasová.

Flute 2: Ute Lepetit-Clare, Gordon Ogilvie, Derek Scurll, Saeko Soya-Dijkstra, Alice Williams, Silas Wollston.

Saxophone 1: Elizabeth Heather, Sachiko Rocca, Jo Tomlinson.

Saxophone 2: Penny Veryard, Amy Weatherup.

Music parts

The music for both pieces of music can be accessed via the links below. Please print AND practise them! You will need to bring your own music on the concert day. We are unable to supply copies so please do not forget!!







Cambridge Exam Time Table

Cambridge exams will be held in Kings College School. The time table starts promptly at 09:00. The exams vary in length but all are short. Please arrive in good time to find your exam room and warm up.

Download the exam time table here

Download your exam day instructions here

Unless you specified your own accompanist on the registration form, you will be allocated one by us. Those who are bringing their own accompanist should confirm with their player that they are still available and willing! Please contact us if you find you now need us to supply.

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If you have any questions, please contact Team Cambridge.

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Notes re Orchestral Parts for Sept 10th concert in Oxford Town Hall

Oxbridge Journey by Simon Brown –  (please see Cambridge part of the website for full structure of this piece)

Fanfare, Forlana and Flourish (fff) by Paul Harris –

HARPS – do not use the music on this website.   Revised parts, plus helpful advice have been sent to you in the following pairs:-

1st Harp  – Lucy Kettlewell and Catherine Francoise

2nd Harp – Judith Ward and Carole Love

3rd Harp – Judith Dallosso and Cathie Kidger

Please contact if the email has not reached you.

HORNS – the Horn part is for French Horns and there is a separate part for Tenor Horn

BARITONE – please play the Euphonium part

ROCK + POP Guitar – please play the Guitar part

TROMBONES  – The pieces have been scored for Tuba but we have no players.  As we have 8 of you on trombone please can Hester Crombie, Elisabet Callejo Paterson, Elizabeth Preece and Eleri Adams play the Tuba part.  Where there are two notes I suggest Hester and Elisabet take the upper and Elizabeth and Eleri the lower ones.

SAXOPHONES – Simon Brown’s piece has separate Alto and Tenor parts.  Paul Harris’s first two movements, Fanfare and Forlana, will need to be played by Alto Sax players only and for  Flourish I suggest the following division:-

Alto Sax 1  –  ie Annie Hancock, Liz Pugh, Sue Baker and Henna Wong

Alto 2  – ie Jacqui Ibbotson, Charl Engela and Katharine Handel

VIOLINS – Paul Harris has written two violin parts throughout so I suggest you divide as below:-

Violin 1 – Liz Livsey, Katie Gardner, Sam Le Breton

Violin 2 – Ning Pookhaothong, Vicky Archibald, Ruth Green

For Simon Brown’s piece you all play the same part.

FLUTES – The last Movement of Paul Harris’s piece has two parts so I suggest:-

Flute 1 – Emily Ormerod, Sophie Taylor, Liz Hurran, Rachel Smith Phiri, Caspian Mitchard

Flute 2 -Miranda Walton, Lesley McCourt, Jane Park, Alistair Ward

If you have any other concerns about the detail given above please contact Megan Hooper:

NB Please print all your parts as you will need them to play in the rehearsal and concert on 10th September.  They will not be provided on the day.

 Exam appointment details will be emailed to you individually by Megan before 18th August.


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