Blue Smile

Blue Smile supports the mental well-being of Cambridgeshire school children aged 3-13. Using expert arts-based therapies, children are supported to overcome their fears and worries, making them happier and therefore able to listen, think and learn, giving them brighter futures. Blue Smile provides teams of therapists and mentors in nine Partner Schools in Cambridge. In addition, their new Outreach Program sends individual therapists from a mobile team into additional schools – 17 so far – throughout the County. Blue Smile has supported more than 500 children since the charity was founded in 2010.

‘Blue Smile would like to thank all the musicians and organisers involved in the Oxford and Cambridge Note Race 2017. Your wonderful support means we can continue to provide the kind of early intervention that makes a lifetime of difference to local children. We know that Team Cambridge are trying to raise an absolutely fantastic amount and we know that it will make a real difference in schools across Cambridgeshire. Thank you.’

What your money will pay for

• an expressive puppet: £10
• a box of instruments to help children express themselves through music: £25
• £75 would buy most of the toys we need for a year at one school
• £150 provides a year’s worth of training for a Blue Smile therapist
• £500 buys an arts-based therapy toolkit for one of our Outreach therapists
• £1000 pays to send a therapist into a school for a whole year