Alf Dubs Children’s Fund

The Alf Dubs Children’s Fund, administered by Citizens UK, stands in the tradition of the Kindertransport, seeking to carry forward the legacy of efforts by the British public in 1938/9 when close to 10,000 children were brought to safety from Europe. We believe every single child fleeing persecution should have access to a safe and legal route to a place where they can lead a full and dignified life, and that their best interests are paramount.
In 2016 we have seen an outpouring of support across political divides, civil society and throughout the country to ensure we live up to the best of our traditions as a nation.
This Fund aims to build on and deepen that community-led effort to advance the rights of refugee children seeking sanctuary.
‘Safe Passage would like to thank everyone participating in the Oxford and Cambridge Note Race 2017 for supporting our vital work to reunite unaccompanied refugee children with their families. By fundraising for the Alf Dubs Children’s Fund, you will make it possible for many more refugee children to travel safely and legally to the UK and be supported as they settle in to their new home.’

What your money will pay for:

• An emergency kit bag for one child living in a refugee camp: £38 (this includes the cost of a rucksack, rain poncho, hat, gloves, whistle, first aid kit, travel towel, socks, energy bar, phone charging pack, thermal sheet, water bottle and head torch)
• The cost of locating an unaccompanied refugee child in a non-emergency: £230
• The cost of locating a missing child in an emergency (for example, after the closure of the camp in Calais and the fire in the Dunkirk camp): £563
• The average cost of resettling a child and maintaining their legal route application for one month: £2,713.

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