Recruitment drive, instruments at capacity, and call for instrument loans!

So far we have over 100 signed up in Cambridge (and room for only 20 more), and just over 50 in Oxford. We are on a big recruitment drive to get numbers of participants up in Oxford. If you are part of an orchestra, choir, band or other musical group please spread word! The more players we can recruit, the more funds we will raise.

A few of our registrants still have not set up their MyDonate fund raising page and linked to their team page. If this is you, please do this as soon as possible. You are not fully registered until this step is complete and we cannot invite you to the training/lesson day unless you have these steps have been taken. Instructions can be found here.  If you need help please get in touch (contact Oxford, contact Cambridge).


In terms of instrumentation, the Oxford team might benefit from some additional violinists as well as bassoon, double bass, jazz flute, orchestral percussion, rock and pop drums, snare  and trumpet players. People in or around Cambridge might consider jazz sax and rock and pop guitar! As yet, no one has selected Flugelhorn or Rock and Pop Bass.

If we could recruit these instrumentalists, our composers will have the same parts to write for in each city.  But fear not, the music will be thrilling irrespective of the range of instruments we ultimately achieve!

Harps at capacity in Cambridge, cellos now at capacity in both cities

In Oxford, a stonking 18% of participants want to learn the ‘cello while in Cambridge, 15% want to learn the harp and 13%, the cello.  That is a lot of harps and cellos to find! Because of this we are now closing applications for harps and cellos in Cambridge and cellos in Oxford. But since there are 30 other instruments to choose from, there is still something for everyone!

Instrument Loan

We are doing our best to find instruments for everyone, but if you happen to have an instrument buried in your loft or stashed in the back of a cupboard, please let us know!



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